A lawyer Is a professional who studied regulation at a higher education institution, specializing in law. He is a specialist in law enforcement, statutes, ordinances and valid principles, which is the reason why he could be allowed to help, defend, represent, counsel and control lawful procedures before private and public organizations.

Its Purpose is to attend the rights and interests of both legal and natural citizens that require their expert services. Lawyers generally specialize in a certain legal area, in the commercial field, wherever they act in civil, civil administrative, financial, industrial and labor matters; and within legal matters, that addresses all the judiciary as a result of bitterness, infractions or offenses ahead of law.

Ordinarily, Lawyers should attend hearings, summons and acts, which are sometimes proven outside their field of influence, since these actions need to be completed in line with where the violation of these law took place.

This Means its performance really isn’t the most appropriate, due to the logistics that has to be managed because of its transfer, roundtrip, from its position of origin. In order to satisfy your duties satisfactorily, there’s the choice of asking the help of a legal correspondent site(site de correspondente juridico).

This Lawyer gets got the use of representing another attorney who manages the instance, before your system that’s managing the action. His dwelling location may be your location where case is being accepted, so he’s got total accessibility to go to to it.

This legal Correspondent (correspondente jurídico) has to be permitted through a power of attorney, approved by the body which manages the exact circumstance, for its action to become legal. The problem arises if the attorney dealing with the scenario does not understand any law firm in the area who is able to symbolize him.

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